Monday, July 26, 2010

monday melodies, post number 100

i was deciding if i should save post #100 for something exciting..
but today deserves this post.


as the day reached about 11 o' clock,
monsieur N and i had a argument on the subject of a "taxi"{more inside detail, not to be explained}...
it was about as heated as it could get over text.
i called, his phone rang 3 times, then went to voicemail.
both times
i figured he was ignoring my calls.
i slammed my phone on the counter
the touch screen shattered {but luckily still works. i think i've learned my lesson of having my phone in my hands when i'm upset}

the argument died, thank goodness.
and it was back to lovey-dovey.

the reminder made me happy that our arguments normally last no more than 15 minutes.
and i know that any arguments we have in the future are minuscule compared to the eternity we will spend together in love and agreement.

after making up and making out {teehee. just kidding about the making-out part, i just had to say it for giggles}, we got to go swimming with the babies {harleycorn, gavinstein, and ellabella} and play with them.
those cute kiddos make me happy. :]
then after swimming monsieur N mentioned he wants a big family.
i used to want a big family, changed my mind to a medium sized family.
but after he'd mentioned that he wants to have family football games sometimes,
it made me want a big family again too.
for now it's up to 7 kids.
4 boys and 3 girls.
i want them close in age. but not TOO close to where it's diapers for 8 straight years.


even though i thought today was going to be completely terrible,
it's turned out to be a fabulous day.
and i am content.
more than content...
pretty stinkin' happy.


p.s. i've decided not to do an 18th birthday party.
monsieur N reminded me that every time we're together with our friends,
we feel like outcasts.
but of course, we put ourselves in that situation.
so i'm going to have a girls' night
and go on a spectacular birthday/anniversary date with my man. :]

he is amazing and oh so handsome. :]

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