Saturday, July 3, 2010

i know i can't, but honestly, won't someone stop this train.

can i please burn all rated R movies?
seriously.. life is so much better without them.
did you know the movie Shutter Island has 19 F words and a scene with naked men in a cell?
{i've been ignoring the movie and listening to my ipod with uplifting music and happened to look up during that scene. i want to cry}
you get to see a whole naked man's front side...
along with a million scenes of blood and gore.
isn't that wonderful???
it's ridiculous.
it makes me so pissed off.
{i'm sorry if you watch rated R movies and enjoy them.. i'm not trying to offend you, but the movies make me sad. all i'm saying}
today has just been.. very emotional.
{for one thing, mother nature gave me a "gift" today. she can go die. and i've just been home sick and frustrated. and i've had someone nagging me for something i refuse to do.}
so i feel like i'm going to burst into tears right now, because i'm sad that everyone in this world does not know of the truth of Christ and that they can live happily without even the simple things in their lives that tear them down, little by little.

today i've realized that i am SOOOOOO thankful for the gospel and all of the teachings.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints IS a Christian church.
it teaches us to be HAPPY. and to live happy lives, in spite of difficulties that come our way.
our church is founded on Christian beliefs, but the prophets have given us guidance to be even more happy, healthy, and well rounded.

today nic's sister asked me "so do you find it harder to live the rules now that you're out of the house and without your parents?"
and i said "no, i think it's kind of easier because i get can do it on my own, but some things are harder, like being modest. i've never had short shorts before"
and i feel like i already want to get rid of them.
they are uncomfortable and way too revealing. i feel like my butt will fall out the bottom. my rule for myself that i just made is that i'm only allowed to wear them to go swimming.

okay. so now i've been rambling.. i just wanted to get my feelings out before i forget to write in my actual journal for the next month.. haha. :]

so... if you kept reading through this nonsense, i owe you brownies.
just leave a comment. :]
just kidding. :P
i'm feeling slightly better though. so that's all that matters
goodbye ranting rampage.