Saturday, July 17, 2010

i can't contain myself!

in 3 more posts, i will be hitting my 100th post.
isn't that supposed to be exciting?
it doesn't sound like it's that big of a deal, i've seen someone with over 800 posts.
pshhh. big deal.


this girl {me} might get a job. {not just might. MOST LIKELY}
i applied at arizona bridal and they were so excited {at least tami was} to see me and have me apply there!
which is a good sign.
when i got home, not even an hour after i talked to tami,
she called and said deidra wanted to set up an interview for monday at 11.
wish me luck and pray i get the job! :]

sad thing is.. it would mean goodbye to my saturdays,
but it's okay, because who wouldn't want to be in a store with a gazillion wedding dresses and a bunch of happy brides? :]

however, it means photoshoots will not be available on saturdays if i get the job.
unless if my shifts work out well with the light of the sun.

nic's grandparents turned 80 and their birthday party is today.
it will be adorable.
cute decor and sweet people.
and yummy cake {i got to test it}


i hope everyone is having a happy saturday.
i sure am. :]


  1. Sarah! So today I discovered your blog, and I absolutely love it :D You are so adorable and real! Keep it up.

  2. aw, why thank you, you're so sweet. :]
    you must be equally as adorable for reading my ramblings. :]P