Tuesday, July 6, 2010

roadtrip playlist complete.

things i need to do starting on the 14th:

[one]: go to westwood, get my transcripts, return honor's stole.
[two]:  take transcripts to MCC.
[three]: get my room set up.
[four]: finish enrolling in classes.
[five]: apply for scholarships.
[six]: look for jobs at the san tan village mall, and fiesta mall.
[seven]: party with my friends. :]


can i say, that even though i make brownies out of a box most of the time, they are the dang best brownies
want to know why?
because i bake it with love. mhmm.
yes, pun intended.
i also make the best turtle brownies around {from scratch. it's like candy}.
{my junior english teacher also said that her husband thinks they taste just like a bakery}
i used to dream of opening up my own bakery.
i make awesome cheesecake, tartes, brownies, etc.
and i would love to share some of the de.lish happiness with the community.
BUT bakeries are very hard to keep in business.
therefore, i stick to photography.
because it's my numero.uno love.
besides monsieur.N, duh. :]


i think we're destined to not go to lake powell this summer..
first, the boat we were going to use was going to cost a couple K's to get fixed.
second, we weren't sure if we'd be able to borrow one from someone. {but we were able to borrow monsieur.N's family's boat}
now, for third, our suburban broke down in payson and we're not sure how much it will cost.
possibly over 1K?
we don't know.

so we might just go to roosevelt lake.
it's not as exciting.. but eh, it's a lake.

well, whatever happens, it's what's meant to be.
even if it isn't as fun.
at least i get to see my brother, his adorable soon to be wife, and her kiddos.
they are all so amazing. i love them. and i get to see my new nephew. :]

monsieur.N arrives in about 18 hours.
am i excited?
am i pathetic?

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