Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hey hey hey hey hey!

Ever since reading Busy Bee Lauren's blog [I admire her blogging style and cuteness.] (thanks haley.stew).. I've been wondering.. "What makes a good blogger?" For one thing, I don't really care. I just know I'm going to write more creatively and not talk so much about ME ME ME, because after all, I'm not that fantastic.

On the other hand... wanna know who is???
etc. etc.

--To name only a few of the amazing girls I look up to and ADOREEE! <3 Haley is an amazing doodler and adorable in every way. Justine gives the best hugs (besides Nic) and the best compliments. Tialene has the best laugh and is always so funny. Grace is fun to talk to and freaking awesome. Hannah has the cutest clothes ever. I will steal her shoes some day and she's super sweet. Those are the girls who have mostly made a difference in my day today. Really.. each one of them brings sunshine to me everyday though. random tip:
Never eat soggy waffles... on a rainy day.

Just kidding.. I don't really have a tip.. I did.. until I forgot it.

A happy moment of the day:
Nic made me feel better even though I lost my mood ring..
Even though I didn't need it to tell me my mood then which is..
utterly distraught and traumatized. :]

so far.. what I've learned about what we're doing for our date on saturday...
is not very nice. I think think he's expecting me to sing and play the guitar..
evil i tell ya.
BUT I love him. Every single piece of him. Forever.

A sad moment for the day:
I lost my mood ring.

Have you ever noticed how everything is so fun to read when it's italicized or bold or in CAPS!
It's fun. :]


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet, sweet September!

was Ella's birthday party! That was tons of fun getting to meet a lot of Nic's family. They're all such fun people. :]

She went a little crazy. :]

Also this morning I got to be a model for Ashley Freehan (www.gourbanlife.com). Check out her site! She is so awesome. It was lots of fun. Here's 2 of my faves she took:

For reals.. So fun!
Other updates:
I'm hopefully getting my new lens soon! The amazing 50mm f/1.4. What a wonderful lens.
I just need to get my last $2o0 and I'm good to go with a bit to spare. :]
I have to dedicate all of my work to Jo Alldredge for being my inspiration and teacher for the beginning of my adventures. :]

My birthday is in one week tomorrow. Mom and dad are getting me a couple necessary things for wedding shoots (Think Tank belt [thank goodness!] and another memory card) Except, I'm going to see if they'll pay for a certain Think Tank. It's a bit more expensive.. but then I can just pay for memory card.

Next week Nathan and Rachel are getting married the day before my birthday.
Then on the 27th, Nic and I will have been together for a whole year! Weird! But wonderful. :]
I'm excited for our anniversary date.. Still don't know what it is though.. but it will be fun. He's wonderful with surprising me. :]

Well, I have church in the morning, so it's time for me to be headed off to bed.

P.S. Once I get my new lens, I will be able to do senior pictures for those who want them. So let me know if you're interested! :]