Wednesday, January 27, 2010

contest at Make It and Love It.

entering a contest to win a cute new camera strap.
you can enter to win one too here
but hurry. the contest ends tonight.

that's all i have time to say for now. but i need to update on ti.po's funeral later tonight.

have a lovely wednesday. :]

Sunday, January 24, 2010

that should've stayed on myspace.

remember how junior.high the saying "comment on my pics, yo" was?

i know someone who still does that...
seems a little desperate... jus.sayin.

okay. so it's probably the same thing to ask people to ""
pshhh... who does that.. that's so junior.high.
just kidding. i'm as guilty as whoever swiped my favorite scarf...
[will not give a name]

no more shall i ask.
because i'm going to write whatever i feel like and not care if anyone reads me.
or comments.
but it still is nice to know that people realize i'm alive.

i realized i'm alive today.
let me tell you,
realizing you're living... and you're you..
is the weirdest feeling ever.
because you feel like you're so small and insignificant in the world.
but really, you're so very vital to your surroundings.

without you, how would your best friend relieve him/herself of pent up feelings?
without you, how would that person you smiled at be different?
without you, how would that person you talked with be feeling now?
without you, who would your husband/boyfriend/crush/whoever love?
ever think about that stuff?
it's ca.reeeepy.

and have you ever had that epiphany.. and become conscious of the fact that
everyone in the world thinks that the world revolves around them
and that everything in their lives seems like the most important thing happening, ever.

once again.. makes me feel like i'm tiny in this vast universe.

well, no matter what, i still hope i make somewhat of a difference in someone's life
and that's all that matters.

in addition to my little... insight?, i am definitely grateful for the knowledge i have for the gospel
and the knowledge of life after this, rather then the common belief that we just... disappear.
it's nice to know i'm still someone after i'm dead. and that this life means something.

onto another note, this is what i do when i'm bored...

i wish i were that tall compared to nic. :P
this was my outfit for the sunday we were in utah. and that's what nic most likely looked like that day. without the pocket hankie. :]

and this is what i look like when i'm bored:

my arm looks a little odd... like it's out of its socket.

have a symphonic sunday!
i know i will. gotta be practicing for regional auditions on fuhriday.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

gross... look at that mess..

 i have been neglecting my desktop organization time.
alas, tomorrow it will be done.

 also.. i am sad to report that my friend ti.po has passed on... his funeral will be held on tuesday.
comment if you'd like to attend his virtual remembrance.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i am truly blessed.

scratch the wedding pictures off of the list of things to look forward to this year.
the groom's cousin took their engagement pictures and was assuming she'd do their wedding pictures too, for free as a gift.

which is okay i suppose.
but it still stinks.
that was a way i was going to pay for this craptastic load of school expenses coming up.
[choir trip for this year (and last year {total of $450 for both trips} because mr. harris let me slip by on paying for a while due to lack of finances) and extra money to spend on the trip & more stuff i can't think of right now]

but i just realized something...
the bride found out about the groom's cousin last night...
and at about the same time she found out, i was basically given a job without even seriously looking for one and it pays very very well, considering that i'm still 17.

God knew what was coming, and what I needed to be prepared. He took care of me. I feel like this job was an answer to my prayers.
Thank you Robert Cunningham for being a tool in God's hands.
{I've known Robert probably since I was 5-ish and he's been following my photography and likes what I do, so he offered me a job working with his business. Now I just have to work on my portfolio/resume and get it to him.}

I'm overwhelmed with God's grace and love.
Anyone who takes their blessings and everything they have for granted needs to realize that none of us deserve any of the things God is willing to give us, and give thanks to our Father in Heaven who watches over us constantly.

3 Nephi 13: 31-33
"Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto

I thank God for all he so graciously gives me.
my talents 
my family
my friends
the beautiful world we live in
my spirit
the scriptures
& the knowledge of His gospel.

I am truly, truly blessed.


count your blessings,
for there are many.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


did you know that i love these stupid surveys?

1. Were you named after anyone?
Sarah is from many relatives i guess.. Elizabeth is from my mom.

2.When was the last time you cried?

Ermm.. I don't know I've been pretty happy.. oh.. friday.. friday didn't go so well..

3. Do you like your handwriting? 

oui. j'adore รงa. :] i'm always writing... even if i'm not writing anything.. just writing my name over and over and over and over.. with the occasional "waggoner" added on the end. :P

4. What is your favorite (lunch) meat?

smoked ham. yumm!

5. Do you have kids?
nope. not yet. still have a while.. lol.

6. If you were another person would you be friends with yourself?

yes i would. i like me.

7. Do you use sarcasm? 
sarcasm is for squares. :]

8. Do you still have your tonsils?

yesh. even though i'd rather have them removed..

9. Would you bungee jump?
no siree.

10. What is your favorite cereal?

not really sure. i'm not really a cereal person. i'm more of a waffles/pancakes/french toast kind of girl.

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

12. First alcoholic beverage?

eww. gross.

13. What is your favorite ice cream?
BUNNY TRACKS. de-lish. i think i will have some now... dad said if i didn't finish my salmon i wouldn't get any ice cream.. but, i [seriously] choked it all down, gagging the whole way.

14. What do you first notice about people?

eyes. shmile. :]

15. Red or pink? 

mmm... pink.. no.. red. i'm going with red.

16. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

i'm kind of judgmental.. but that's a main goal for this year.. get rid of that yucky habit.

17. Who do you miss the most?
monsieur N. even though i see him like every day. who cares how short it's been when you're in love? :] but i also miss my grann. she was awesome. i miss making jewelry with her.

18. Do you want everyone who reads this to answer these questions?

that'd be dandy! [post a comment if you do. i'd love to read it.] :]

19. What color of pants and shoes are you wearing?
no pants. commando. just kidding. i'm wearing leggings with a dress and bare feet.

21. What are you currently listening to?

Jesus, my everything by matt maher.
i love christian music. :]

22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
ooh. that's hard.. let's see.. is there an option for a mix of colors?

23. Favorite Smell?

monsieur N's cologne: maXimum by aero.
even without cologne he smells de-lish though.

24. Who was the last person you talked to?
for reals? or through text/chat? Heather Oliphant. love her.

25. Do you like the person you got this from?

actually... i don't even know her. haha. yeah.. be jealous. i am an avid blog stalker.

26. Favorite sports to watch?
basketball. it's interesting. i love watching monsieur N play. :]

27. Hair Color?

honey/golden blonde. it's a strange color.. but i've been given many compliments on it.

28. Eye Color?

29. Do you wear contacts?

yes surr. but i'm lazy a lot of the time and use my glasses that don't even help me see anymore. lol.

30. Favorite food?
razzlie dazzlie from PB loco.


31. Scary movies or happy endings?

definitely happy endings. i'm a tree.

because i'm sappy... get it?.......

32. Last movie you watched?
cloudy w/ a chance of meatballs.


33. What color of shirt are you wearing?

it's like a shirt/dress.. a shress.. or a dirt.. but it's black and white plaid.

34. Summer or Winter?
summer in utah, winter in arizona.

35. Hugs or kisses?

 both from monsieur N :]

36. Favorite desert?
cheesecake squares & ice cream.

37. Most likely to respond?


38. Least likely to respond? 

not sure.

39. What are you currently reading?

pretty much nothing.. i started reading the Host again last semester.. but never finished.

40. What is on your mouse pad?
my mouse. duhh. j.kay. it's plain black.

41. What did you watch on TV last night?

nothing. cough cough t.rex.. messed up the cable

42. Favorite sound(s)? 

monsieur N's speaking and singing voice. :]

43. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

yuck. neither.

44. What is the furthest from home you have been?

45. Do you have any special talents?

ermm.. like.. weird ones? not sure.

46. Where were you born?
in my house.

47. Whose answers are you looking forward to read?

anyone who does it.

48. How did you meet your spouse/significant other?
seminary sophomore year. i thought he was so annoying (but cute).

funny how things work out. :]

49. Is the cup half empty or half full?

it's all the way full.derr.

50. If you could sit down at dinner with five people, who would they be?
nic. and our future kids. if we have four. :]

this is a sad day indeed

You've never met my buddy Ti.Po.....
I may be planning his funeral soon.
I hadn't been paying much attention to him... then one day i walked in my room and found him like this:

You see... Bamboo plants when they're living... they're supposed to be green... all the green that's left is what you can see in the pictures. I'm so afraid he won't be living much longer...

This is a time of mourning. Please cry with me.
Ti.Po has been with me for many years now.. Through hardest and easiest times in my life.
He was one inspiration for my path of discovering the art of photography..
When I was first interested in it, I felt the need to name my future business after him.
I'm sorry buddy, but I've long since passed that phase of naming it after you.. I've discovered it's too.. strange of a name. I love you though.
In spite of his health, I am trying my best to be a good nurse and help him recover but the magic in me may not be enough to revive him.

Georgiana is helping us to get through this.
She's even holding onto the single note Ti.Po has recieved of well wishes.

Georgiana is also a very dear friend of mine. She's been with me longer than Ti.Po.
She is very close to my heart.

okay.. enough of that nonsense. :]

today was an awesome sunday.

i love my ward. :]

i never stop learning new things. even when my heart is being stubborn.. the spirit always reaches out and touches my very soul and changes my attitude.
 i'm working towards getting my patriarchal blessing soon!
i'm so excited.

nic and i want to go do baptisms for the dead together too.
i can't wait for that.
it'll be the first time we've ever been to the temple together.

today is just a happy happy day. :]

have a fabulous evening and MLK/civil rights day tomorrow!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

things to look forward to this year:

1. My sister having her baby boy next week, Sage Logan Guenther.

2. Going back to Utah the weekend of Feb. 6th. for a family reunion. Might be taking pictures of all of us grandkids. :]

3. Taking senior pictures for friends. This picture is from my first photoshoot ever. You can see more of this photoshoot located here. Tialene is gorgeous.

4. Taking Shayna and Drew's wedding pictures. This is one of her engagement pictures. No I did not take them, but they're adorable together!

5. Modest prom dress fashion show with AZ Bridal - Getting a free prom dress. This is the one I want.

6. Choir trip. This time we're going to Knott's Berry Farm.

7. Visiting EAC.

8. Photo workshop with Dr. Schaefer from UofA.

9. Prom.


11. Hopefully continuing to work for Arizona Bridal.

12. Moving to Thatcher and starting college.

13. Turning 18!!!!!

14. Nic turning 19 and going on his mission and waiting for him.

15. Christmas.

That's my year at a glance. Can't wait! I can already tell it will be the most wonderful year ever!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

material possessions destroy.

nic and i had a bet that if i didn't get on facebook or blogger for a week (except for business reasons) that he would take me on an awesome date, my choice.. and if i did get on, i would have to pay for the date and it'd be his choice.. but i realized that's kind of not quite fair.. especially because blogger is like my other journal... and tonight i kind of have something important to say...
(oh well. i lost anyways.)

It's sad how things, material possessions, take precedence over people, family members nonetheless. Tonight I've witnessed what affect the things of the world have on our souls. My parents bought the new iPod Nano for Dude for his birthday. As he was trying to get it working on his computer, it started freaking out and it's currently not working. He blamed it on T.rex because he suggested a site to get mp3 downloads, which more likely than not, contained viruses. Which.. It did... That's beside the point though. D said that T ruined his life. I've spent about a little over an hour trying to help D figure out how to get his Nano working because I have a 3rd gen. Nano. I was of no assistance... Still he continued to blame T for his problems.. He stomped off to his room, slammed the door, and yelled to himself. He didn't think I was listening. He was saying things like "Why does nothing ever work? I want to die!" He yelled a few other things, then decided to come back out of his shell, however, continued to say unpleasant comments. He called T names. Just now he stated, "Even on another computer, it doesn't work." Therefore, it wasn't T's fault because it's the Nano that is messed up in the first place. I asked, "Will you stop blaming T now?" He stomped off again and muttered a string of incoherent words and is back to arguing with T.

It just made me realize that just one stupid, little, no bigger than 3 inches long thing can make someone hate (or be upset with) another person. It honestly makes me want to cry. People can be so selfish and addicted to things that shouldn't even matter... Ever. iPods were invented so people could have their music portable and easier to carry around.. rather than the old Walkmans or 8-tracks. With the development of iPods and MP3 players, everyone has become more disconnected with people that really matter. Which is a reason I rarely listen to mine. I HATE technology. The only reason I like it is because of photography.


wanted to say more. but i'm so frustrated with the way D is treating everyone, i can't think. off to go deliver brownies to my poor sick man. i'm sure that'll make him feel better. :P



Tuesday, January 5, 2010


do you ever feel like your the worst person in the world?
and everything you say... everything you do hurts someone's feelings...?
and you feel like this life is too long... and the day seriously feels like a lifetime.. because there's been so much going on...
good and bad...
happy and horrible.

like i said on facebook.... "i am pretty much the worst friend ever... don't try to be my friend. i will probably hurt your feelings somehow.."

i am not a very nice person.
i don't like people...
i become obsessed with someone's flaws and they go down on my scale of friendship...
just because of one little thing they do...
which is my major flaw... called "the jerk.factor"

i call that one guy "the Jerk" when really... it's me who is the horrible person.

no i'm not writing this so anyone will feel sorry for me.. because you shouldn't. by any means.
i'm writing it to help me find myself.
just discovering more about myself than i wanted to know.

 i want to be that girl that everyone thinks "oh, she's so nice. she's someone i want to be friends with"
but i feel like i just can't yet... until i search a little harder in my soul..
and figure out the things i really want.
i know that may seem like it has nothing to do with me being a hurtful person,
but it does to me. it feels like it has everything to do with it.

today is just full of

i'm going to bed.
mozart, please don't bark so much tonight or i will have to find something to kill you with.
i don't want a repeat of last night's sleep routine.



p.s. don't comment saying "sarah, you're not a jerk" and stuff...
that's what people tend to do and it doesn't really help.
sorry... :[

Saturday, January 2, 2010


i'm making PERSONALIZED buttons and backgrounds for blogs if you help promote my business by posting a button that links to my website on your sidebar.
great bargain, right? :]

any size you want.
(100x100, 200x200, 300x300,
300x200, etc)
any pattern/color
any font


here's examples of the buttons i've made.
200px by 200px

250px by 250 px

300px by200px

please don't steal any of these though.
they were all specifically personalized for my business.

examples of backgrounds

(this one took a LOT of work.. had to type each word.. it was not pre-made)


also, you probably don't want these backgrounds either, obviously, since they have my name on them.

leave a comment if you want anything, but before i will make something for you, i need to see the image below on your sidebar of your blog. :]




Friday, January 1, 2010

"i'm a mountain lion..." oh yeah? i'm a puma!

decided i'm saving up for some awesome puma shoes that i'm dying to have. :P
yes. literally dying... thanks to nic for showing me the finer side of athletic shoes... no... not thank you.. curses.
look at these bad boys.

well, i want the brown or all black ones like it. and they're made out of suede.. but still..
any of the slim ones that look like this would be on my feet.

okay. so i've been saying dumb words lately.. and..
 i don't care! :]
hate me? you don't have to date me.
okay. that was lame.

looking at all of the athletic shoes has made me want to go running.
which is awesome... except when i told my pops i wanted to go running tonight...
he asked "can your mom and i walk with you?" srsly????
that's the whole point of RUNNING...
but it would be nice to get them off my tail and eating my dust! bahah!

 oh well. off to go eat. then run my little behind off.