Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet, sweet September!

was Ella's birthday party! That was tons of fun getting to meet a lot of Nic's family. They're all such fun people. :]

She went a little crazy. :]

Also this morning I got to be a model for Ashley Freehan ( Check out her site! She is so awesome. It was lots of fun. Here's 2 of my faves she took:

For reals.. So fun!
Other updates:
I'm hopefully getting my new lens soon! The amazing 50mm f/1.4. What a wonderful lens.
I just need to get my last $2o0 and I'm good to go with a bit to spare. :]
I have to dedicate all of my work to Jo Alldredge for being my inspiration and teacher for the beginning of my adventures. :]

My birthday is in one week tomorrow. Mom and dad are getting me a couple necessary things for wedding shoots (Think Tank belt [thank goodness!] and another memory card) Except, I'm going to see if they'll pay for a certain Think Tank. It's a bit more expensive.. but then I can just pay for memory card.

Next week Nathan and Rachel are getting married the day before my birthday.
Then on the 27th, Nic and I will have been together for a whole year! Weird! But wonderful. :]
I'm excited for our anniversary date.. Still don't know what it is though.. but it will be fun. He's wonderful with surprising me. :]

Well, I have church in the morning, so it's time for me to be headed off to bed.

P.S. Once I get my new lens, I will be able to do senior pictures for those who want them. So let me know if you're interested! :]


  1. Sarah, your pictures are beautiful! Looks like so much fun. I love ye!! :)

  2. You are so sweet. :D Hey here is a photographer for you to start looking at. You will like her. :D She is VERY young! I think she started her business at 16 or 17. It's amazing how far she has come and she is really good. :D

  3. oh my gosh! you're right! i love her stuff!! and she's adorable!

    and i love ye too my dear haley! :]