Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I want to live somewhere perfect.

Where I can host outdoor parties.
Where I can grow pretty plants, the non-cacti kind.
Where I can have a beautiful garden of yummy veggies and fruit.
Where Nic and I can sit out on the porch swing, dead-center-summer, and watch our kids play in the front yard.
Where my car can be allowed to not have AC in the summer {Not that I would want to drive without it, but I already am in this dag-blasted heat}
Where our kids can go trick-or-treating and not worry if they're going to melt in their costumes.
Where there's not a dead spot in photoshoots, at least in the summer. Winter I don't mind so much.

Me: "I want to live somewhere that has Show Low weather, without the Show Low part."
Nic: "It rarely snows in coastal Oregon."
Me: "Perfect."

I need out of here.
This heat bugs.
Come on- it's almost October.


I might get a job at The Children's Place or Aeropostale.
I'm sure it'll be much better than my last experience.


I'm feeling low in self-worth and esteem lately.
It's my own fault.


I started going to institute. It's nice. I miss seminary.

I've been daydreaming a lot lately.

lots of sighing.

"Perfect" is the perfect word to describe how I'm feeling..
If you want to be sarcastic and slightly amusing.


I use "I" a lot.
How are you feeling?


"Well this road I'm on is gonna turn to sand, and leave me lost in a far off land. So let me ride the wind till I don't look back, and forget the life that I almost had. "
--Peter Bradley Adams

I sort of have a picture to post:
There will be more on the photo blog soon. But to see the other couples from this homecoming group, go here.

Au revoir.


P.S. I'm legal as of 9 days ago.
Happy belated birthday to me.

Friday, September 10, 2010

"This house is a disaster!!!"

All I saw was the couch cushions kind of frumpy and crooked.

Oh wait......
There is the kitchen, dining room, and family room. Let's see..

There's david and thomas' mess of their science project that included candy and toothpicks.
Thomas' shoes everywhere,
grilled cheese leftover mess that didn't have to be so messy,
everyone leaving their dishes everywhere,
a bag of something that looks like David's swimming clothes from 4 days ago,
the laundry room is piled with... Gasp! The boys' clothes. What do you know?
And the list goes on...

Hmm.. Where is all of Sarah's stuff?
Oh, right!
She's not so much of a burden after all because she puts everything away when she's done and doesn't leave all of her stuff around the house.
But I do admit, there is one pan that I used to make pizza yesterday. That's it.

The only thing I really mess up is my room/closet, only because no one has to look at it. And I even cleaned and organized it yesterday, thank you very much.

My mom has been psycho about cleaning the house lately. Whenever I hear the words "This house is a disaster!!!" I get ready to be asked to clean it top to bottom. Spic and Span.
Normally we do all of the cleaning on Saturdays, as do most families, but it looks like their won't be much cleaning tomorrow since one person is doing it all today.

I know I'm living here for free since I graduated and all, and I'm not "working" at the moment..
{I still am making money on photography and I still have clients.. It's just REALLY slow.}
But uh.. She shouldn't be pulling the "You're living here for free" card.. Because if we get down to technical aspects.. I'm still not 18 {10 days!}. So I couldn't really sign a contract for an apartment or anything.
And plus, a lot of teenagers get around 18 and a half years of living at home for free because they're finishing up their last year of high school.. Don't I get credit for finishing early? I mean, they could have me not contributing at all while I'd be still in school, having dive practice 24/7, being student body president, having mounds of homework on top of that. Wouldn't that be the dream child?


Okay. Enough rambling because I don't really have a point and I could go on forever.. which I already did.
It's a battle that can't be won, because eventually I'll get married, move out, and have to help pay for our living anyways.


I'm not really angry about anything I've said. It was more like a smidge of annoyance and I just felt like being dramatic, because really, I don't mind cleaning. I even enjoy it, I just need motivation sometimes.

My mom suggested contributing by making dinner most nights...
Not sure how I feel about THAT one. I'm a great baker, not the greatest cook.
But I'd like to try anyways.
I don't think I'd feel too bad if they ate burned food every night... They'd asked for it. :P
Just kidding.


Seriously, I'm done typing now, after a million words.

I hope everyone has a lovely Friday. :]

P.S. {I promise, this is short} Check out the photo blog. I redesigned it recently. It's cute.
And there's a post with pictures of my brother. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Call me a liar.

Because I lied about posting pictures. My computer has been a poop lately.
I finally decided to scan it for viruses and junk.. Turns out it's infected with the worst Trojan alive!
Okay. That's a lie too.
I think I just had photoshop running for too long and it became unresponsive, thus causing my whole computer to lag. Boo.

Maybe some day I'll stop being a liar about things I'd said I'd do. Liar sounds kind of harsh... Promise-breaker? No. That's worse. Meh.

Want to know what's magical?
Rocking and singing a baby to sleep.
Sometimes I think I might be a failure of a mother in the future.
But singing Little Sean to sleep gave me some hope and confidence.
I want to be the best mom ever.

Want to know something fantastic?
I didn't lie about that!

Want to know the best thing ever?
I'm turning 18 in 2 weeks.
Yes my stalkers, that is right.
I decided to have a party.
Not sure of what to do.
Jess suggested a Luau. I'm thinking. Heck to the freakin' yes.
Hawaiin haystacks, shaved ice, and limbo.
I dig, I dig!

No pictures this time, I'm a failure. {again}
Cheerio my friends.

P.S. Speaking of Cheerios, the new season of Glee starts 2 weeks from tomorrow.
Happy birthday to me! :]