Monday, September 6, 2010

Call me a liar.

Because I lied about posting pictures. My computer has been a poop lately.
I finally decided to scan it for viruses and junk.. Turns out it's infected with the worst Trojan alive!
Okay. That's a lie too.
I think I just had photoshop running for too long and it became unresponsive, thus causing my whole computer to lag. Boo.

Maybe some day I'll stop being a liar about things I'd said I'd do. Liar sounds kind of harsh... Promise-breaker? No. That's worse. Meh.

Want to know what's magical?
Rocking and singing a baby to sleep.
Sometimes I think I might be a failure of a mother in the future.
But singing Little Sean to sleep gave me some hope and confidence.
I want to be the best mom ever.

Want to know something fantastic?
I didn't lie about that!

Want to know the best thing ever?
I'm turning 18 in 2 weeks.
Yes my stalkers, that is right.
I decided to have a party.
Not sure of what to do.
Jess suggested a Luau. I'm thinking. Heck to the freakin' yes.
Hawaiin haystacks, shaved ice, and limbo.
I dig, I dig!

No pictures this time, I'm a failure. {again}
Cheerio my friends.

P.S. Speaking of Cheerios, the new season of Glee starts 2 weeks from tomorrow.
Happy birthday to me! :]

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