Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why am I testing the Holy Ghost?

Every school day my family wakes up at 5:30. Luckily I get to sleep an extra hour before they wake me up for family prayers at 6:30. I wander out of my room half asleep and fall fully asleep on the floor with my face shoved into a couch pillow, waiting for everyone to gather their things and kneel around the room. While still 75% asleep, I wait for the word, "Amen." Every morning, the same routine. Except for this morning.

I sauntered back to my room to try and fall back asleep. However, as soon as I laid back down I was wide awake, fully conscious of the beautiful light created by the low sun. Then out of nowhere I had a desire to go to the temple. Mostly just to be there and feel the spirit, but to also take pictures of it's peaceful glory. I kept thinking, "Oh, I have to be in that area around 2pm or 4-ish, so I don't want to drive 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back when I'm going to have to do that later. I'll go tomorrow."

Uhmm, hello, Sarah. WHY are you testing the Holy Ghost? WHY are you procrastinating? WHY are you telling God you'll meet with Him tomorrow when you need him right now, every second of every day?

I'm not sure if I can answer that, I don't know why. But I know the feeling I had was Heavenly Father saying that I need to be closer to Him and that I need that right now. As I'm typing, the beautiful golden light is fading, only to return again tomorrow. Then again, what if the lighting isn't as perfect tomorrow or there's no bold, praising clouds framing the temple like there was this morning? Then there goes the pictures, but that doesn't mean I can't still worship and draw myself closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Which means I plan on going tonight {along with tomorrow morning} and dragging Nic along with me. Since I will be in the area. ;]

It also means that I plan on doing spontaneous Baptisms for the Dead visits. Just me, myself, and I, to strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father, because I need it like sugar for a sweet tooth right now.

Oh glorious Tuesday.

I hope everyone has a lovely day and finds peace within the havoc. :]

P.S. Glee is on tonight. Yipee!

P.P.S. I'm getting highlights in my hair today. I will finally post pictures of the blonde I've become over the last two months. :]

P.P.P.S. I don't have any pictures to post today, only because my camera is not cooperating, so I can't download any of the pictures off of it, so I will be getting a card reader sometime today. I will dedicate a post tomorrow all for pictures. :]

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