Sunday, August 7, 2011


hey everyone, the blog is moving to
same design, ramblings, and me.
just a different location.
go head on over and add the link to your reader if you wish. :]


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

photoshop, how i've missed thee: before and after.

i just had to share how much i am grateful for photoshop and the wonderful editing tool that it is.

here is a before and after from Melissa and Jordan's engagement session. the image before was okay, but dull in comparison to what i envisioned it being.

it's amazing what a few editing techniques can do for your photos.
i am VERY grateful for photoshop.

here's one of my first shots from this spot, but it happened to be my favorite frame out of all the ones we took there, so i decided to save it. boy did it need a lot of help.

for both of these images i used Florabella's action: Swoon.
but turned down the opacity and turned off a few layers, and did a lot of my own edits to it.

photoshop is a powerful tool to help you create your final vision.
but of course, you should create your vision first in your camera.


Melissa and Jordan - engagement sneak peek

Here's just a short sneak peek for Melissa and Jordan.
This was the first time I'd ever been to Sedona. It is absolutely gorgeous there!
Can't wait to share more. :]

Friday, July 29, 2011

please bear with my confused brain.

okay okay okay.

i'm really flaky.
in the aspect that i decide things then change my mind.


my name is sarah, and i am addicted to photography.


after i decided to "quit" and just do it as a hobby, i felt uneasy, apprehensive, and nauseous.
when i think about doing other things as a profession, i feel even more like i'm going to lose my lunch.
it seems photos literally call my name.
"sarah, give me life."

i continued to look at photos and think, "what do i like about this photo? how can i recreate it in my own way for my own clients?"
then i'd lie to myself, saying, "oh wait, i'm not doing photography as a job anymore."
just now i was perusing the inter-web and came across these lovely photographers:
i fell in love with the film-y feel of their photos
and found their online photography workshop:

i caught myself thinking "I NEED TO SIGN-UP FOR THIS!!"
then, remembering my decision, my eyes filled with tears.

this quote has kept coming to my mind all day.

why waste what God has given me?
i may not be the best at photography, but there's time to grow and improve.
patience just has to play a big part in this.


my final thoughts on the matter, is that i need to really put myself into my photos and find my niche in it.
and this is my wake up call to work even harder and do the best i can.


i ask you all to please bear with me
as i sort this all out.
and wish me a big ol' "good luck!"

until next time,

today i woke up and i found more to love

life, could you please just stop being so complicated?
i'm running away to europe.
okay, no i'm not.


my mom believes i look very similar to the character on the cover of her book.
and she had the idea to make a book trailer. meaning a short video introducing her book.
so she had me be her model.

(minus the beauty mark and a bigger nose, what do you think?)

after "filming", i got my hairs did by miss Verity.
she did a splendid job!
meh. you can't tell in the picture, but it's lighter and caramel-y
and i have bangs again. woohoo!


i really want a film camera.
preferably a Hasselblad or Leica. hehe.. just kidding.
i really would like a Nikon FM2 though.

after finishing up my last few photoshoots coming up, i may sell my camera and get the FM2 and the 50mm 1.4.
and get a digital point and shoot.
maybe save up a little and get the Fuji Finepix x100
it looks like a vintage toy camera, but it's a digital point and shoot.
it's so cute! a little expensive, but i want it.


i'm off to go do something other than sitting at the computer.
we'll see what interesting things i find to do.

au revoir.