Friday, July 29, 2011

please bear with my confused brain.

okay okay okay.

i'm really flaky.
in the aspect that i decide things then change my mind.


my name is sarah, and i am addicted to photography.


after i decided to "quit" and just do it as a hobby, i felt uneasy, apprehensive, and nauseous.
when i think about doing other things as a profession, i feel even more like i'm going to lose my lunch.
it seems photos literally call my name.
"sarah, give me life."

i continued to look at photos and think, "what do i like about this photo? how can i recreate it in my own way for my own clients?"
then i'd lie to myself, saying, "oh wait, i'm not doing photography as a job anymore."
just now i was perusing the inter-web and came across these lovely photographers:
i fell in love with the film-y feel of their photos
and found their online photography workshop:

i caught myself thinking "I NEED TO SIGN-UP FOR THIS!!"
then, remembering my decision, my eyes filled with tears.

this quote has kept coming to my mind all day.

why waste what God has given me?
i may not be the best at photography, but there's time to grow and improve.
patience just has to play a big part in this.


my final thoughts on the matter, is that i need to really put myself into my photos and find my niche in it.
and this is my wake up call to work even harder and do the best i can.


i ask you all to please bear with me
as i sort this all out.
and wish me a big ol' "good luck!"

until next time,


  1. i'm so glad that you're rethinking it, girl! you're seriously one of my favorite photographers, even if you think you have alot to learn! i love your work so much and i think it's worth sharing with the world. :)

  2. Yay! Girl you have a gift! :)

  3. I am soooo happy that you are rethinking this. You have such a gift!!! About that video camera. You should go for that too. I'll bet you'd be amazing! I'm behind you 100%. Well except for yesterday. You were just plain annoying. HEHE...inside joke.