Thursday, July 21, 2011

c'est la vie.

do you ever feel like some things just keep stepping in the way of what you think you're supposed to be doing, keeping you from reaching a goal?

every little thing keeps stopping the growth of my photography.

one: stupid technical issues {can't get the blog to run, website issues, domain transfer crap, etc.}
two: no money for equipment, especially because i constantly break rental items and have to pay for my damages because i'm clumsy and trip over things and land on my face and on the equipment.
three: {i know this one shouldn't really matter but...} rude remarks by people about my photography. or people saying i should do other things just in case if photography didn't work out. {it totally screws my confidence and hurts my feelings, and it's something hard to get over}
four: no time for photo shoots.
five: personal issues.

one moment i'm so inspired to do my best in photography. the next i want to give up.

and i really am ready to give up. at least, doing it for money.

i really don't like the pressure.
the nerves.
the time limits.
the stress.

i suppose i should talk to the Man in Charge and see what He thinks about this mess.


whatever decisions are made, i'm launching the new website tomorrow.. without the blog launch, seeing as it's not working.
i'll post the link on the facebook page tomorrow.


side note: it's funny how this happens - without even knowing i needed a friend to talk to, my lovely friend haley stewart {<--go read her blog. she's adorable and hilarious} sent me a message and cheered me up. love you haley.stew <3

i'm feeling more optimistic now.
my goal is that my next post will be 100% negative-free.
{full of fun pictures too}


p.s. i'm also considering deleting my facebook account.
meh. "c'est la vie."
at least, i'll have a life if i deactivate it.


(i went to Sedona for my first time ever. it was a gorgeous morning.)

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  1. So people need to go kick themselves in the head if they say bad things about your photography. Just sayin'.
    But never quit doing what you love. I tried that, and it didn't work out so well. Stay strong despite what others think. In the end, will it matter what they think anyway? NO. Things will work out for the best, I know it! Good luck!