Thursday, August 19, 2010


I made my blog private for only 2 days. Consider that an "epic" fail. I hate that word.
Ugly and overused.

I changed my mind about making the blog private. I can't decide on the reason why, I just know writing makes me happy, and it's easier to keep up on a blog than a journal.

However, there will be changes to the blog.

Notice the CAPITAL LETTERS??? :]
And at least somewhat proper grammar and English?

I decided, writing like I was, I sounded like a 10 year old with their first facebook account.
{P.S. I think I've said it before, but little kids should STAY OFF OF FACEBOOK!}
Lykee ohh my goshh??? i SoUnD sO rEEEdIcuLoUs!!!

Okay, so it wasn't that dramatic, but using proper grammar makes me feel like I did when I actually tried to make everything perfect. Not to say I can do anything perfectly, only referring to trying my hardest and being at the "top of my game."

However, this will not stop me from using spaces to emphasize a change in subject or anything of the like.
I hate paragraph structures.

Also, I'm changing the name and design of the blog.
I just need to come up with something fun.

Lastly, I will not mention anything negative about the people I love.
As in, it isn't anyone's business about who did what to make me sad.
Because it doesn't matter, I still love my family/friends and I know within the next 24 hours, the tiff will be over.


With all of that being said,
it's time to get to work and...


OH. I am also going to be more creative and post inspirational things and crafty things I've been doing {along with other things done by other people that inspire me}.
And I'm going to make it a goal to always add at least one picture, but it has to be my own {Starting with the next post. I have nothing artsy to post this time due to this spur of the moment blogging}.


...have fun, be inspirational, be creative, and be happy.


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