Monday, August 16, 2010


any time i argue with anyone,
especially him,
i feel like part of my heart is being ripped out.
i'm not a contender.
so to argue really hurts.
i only argue when i feel it's unfair to be put down, when i didn't do anything really wrong or worth arguing about.

arguing is making something out of nothing.
it's better to leave nothing as it is.

but does that mean to just let someone put you down and to just say you're sorry?

i suppose.

in my case, it just might be better.

oh well.


number eleven: make a difference in the world. bring sunshine to someone else's day, even when my day isn't going well. especially on those days.
number twelve: go on a spontaneous road-trip.
number thirteen: breathe normal.
number fourteen: visit the phoenix children's hospital regularly and spend time and play with the kids.
number fifteen: donate to the hospital.


**there would be pictures, but i haven't really taken many photos for myself within the last few weeks.
well... kind of.
i'll post some maybe tomorrow.


goodnight stars.
bring me sweet dreams.

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