Thursday, August 5, 2010

oh happy day, oh happy d-a-a-ay

"over the last year i've realized i think in pictures and i imagine each moment as it being a movie. and i always expect the worst, because in movies, it gets worse before it gets better. so i decided i should probably think more logically than i have. it's causing problems. it's made me more emotional {not a good emotional} than i should be."
--stated on facebook

when thinking in pictures helps on the creative side,
it's not helping in every day reality.

this overdramatic attitude makes me second-guess ALL of my decisions.
so when i make a decision, based on the promptings of the holy ghost,
i know it's right.
THEN i get more feelings later that it's not right
and i think it's the holy ghost telling me that.
it happens with everything i choose to do.
so i've come to the realization that it's not the holy ghost telling me it's the wrong thing EVERY time
{because let's face it, how could i second guess my choice of photography???
it's perfect for me, Heavenly Father has helped me realize that}
and it's just my assumptions that everything in my life is going to go wrong.

because when i pray about my decisions again,
i get the feeling that what i'm doing is right.
so i should probably stop pestering Heavenly Father
because He knows i'll eventually figure out that i made the right decision in the first place.

i just have to tell myself to stop being such a drama queen,
and remember what truly feels right.

and that every day is only as happy as i make it.

so, once again, i'm making the goal to simply, be happy.

and i am.
today is a happy day.
even if i had to sit through hours of training videos
and have my chocolate melt in my purse.
because it doesn't matter, when i'm loved by God and family and friends.
{and at least i got to eat most of the chocolate before it melted. :P }
speaking of friends, i will force myself to not be a hermit and actually have a good time with awesome people.

keep your chin up, sarah, and you will do great things

pretty picture? yes.

pretty picture? baha.. no. look at that weirdy. :P
just kidding. :]

au revior!

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