Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I want to live somewhere perfect.

Where I can host outdoor parties.
Where I can grow pretty plants, the non-cacti kind.
Where I can have a beautiful garden of yummy veggies and fruit.
Where Nic and I can sit out on the porch swing, dead-center-summer, and watch our kids play in the front yard.
Where my car can be allowed to not have AC in the summer {Not that I would want to drive without it, but I already am in this dag-blasted heat}
Where our kids can go trick-or-treating and not worry if they're going to melt in their costumes.
Where there's not a dead spot in photoshoots, at least in the summer. Winter I don't mind so much.

Me: "I want to live somewhere that has Show Low weather, without the Show Low part."
Nic: "It rarely snows in coastal Oregon."
Me: "Perfect."

I need out of here.
This heat bugs.
Come on- it's almost October.


I might get a job at The Children's Place or Aeropostale.
I'm sure it'll be much better than my last experience.


I'm feeling low in self-worth and esteem lately.
It's my own fault.


I started going to institute. It's nice. I miss seminary.

I've been daydreaming a lot lately.

lots of sighing.

"Perfect" is the perfect word to describe how I'm feeling..
If you want to be sarcastic and slightly amusing.


I use "I" a lot.
How are you feeling?


"Well this road I'm on is gonna turn to sand, and leave me lost in a far off land. So let me ride the wind till I don't look back, and forget the life that I almost had. "
--Peter Bradley Adams

I sort of have a picture to post:
There will be more on the photo blog soon. But to see the other couples from this homecoming group, go here.

Au revoir.


P.S. I'm legal as of 9 days ago.
Happy belated birthday to me.

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