Tuesday, July 6, 2010

one more day

up all night long with a moaning almost toddler because he's still teething.
every time i laid back down after getting him situated with his sippy-cup and a pacifier,
he'd start crying again.
finally i left the room at 6am because the only thing to do is ignore him.
and what do you know? once i come out here, he stops crying....
it's now 6:30am.

today will be a long day.

monsieur.N flies in with his mom tomorrow.
it's been 3 weeks.
and tomorrow will feel like heaven.
then i see my family on friday night.
it's been a month.
then i see my extended family on my dad's side {who i adore like crazy}on saturday.
it's been 4 months.
we're going to lake powell. it's one of my favorite places to be.
other than in monsieur.N's arms. :P

i thought i was going to miss out on EVERYTHING happening back home..
first, my family moved the same week i moved to california.
second, my grandma passed away last week and i didn't get to go to her funeral in utah.
third, i thought i was going to miss going to lake powell..
BUT luckily enough we're moving back the day before my family goes.

monsieur.N gets to go with us to the lake, even though my parents said they'd never let me bring a guy with until i was 18.
i'm so happy he gets to meet my dad's side of the family before he goes on his mission. :]

so anywho.. here's some pictures from the 4th of july:

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