Saturday, July 17, 2010

every word you say, i think i should write down.

monsieur.N and i tried having a movie marathon tonight.. we got through two movies.
but we teased and tickled each other through both movies.
eventually it came down to sitting on the floor and writing cheesy contracts.
basically saying "i hereby solemnly swear to love you forever and ever"
yeah. cheesy. but he makes me smile. :]

we compromised on movies, and watched a war movie and a chick flik.
hello Dear John.
you are a lovely movie, and i'm sure you make a better book.
so after the darling movie, i must read the book and make sure i get the real thing.
i need to pick up on reading in general. i haven't read a book in forever
{thank you hannah peterson for listing a few new books :] }

i went job hunting today at santan village.
romy is hiring. i was super excited to hear those words.
because they have cute clothes.
also american eagle and a couple other stores.
a little birdie told me that AZ Bridal is low on their staff..
SO... i plan on applying tomorrow. {and i've got a head start because of the modest prom dress fashion show}
squee! {thank you perla ;] }

it is time for me to head off to bed.
it is now 1:30

here's a couple pictures just to tickle your fancy.
everything's more interesting with pictures:
possible future bedrooms:

possible bathrooms:

possible kitchens:

future offices:

future living room:

future anything:
{i want this front entry way}
i want a barn.. with lots of horses.

woah.. sorry.. went a little picture crazy. :]

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