Tuesday, February 16, 2010

some people....

really don't have time tonight..
but i have to say....


some people....
make my brain hurt...
some people....
make my stomach hurt...
some people....
just have the audacity to... ...
some people....
just frustrate me so much.

no i am not speaking of family this time..
that is all.

i want to say what's on my mind.. but won't for fear of offending anyone..
i don't want anyone to be hurt on my account.

i have the best dad in the world.
really. he surprised me yesterday with new mattresses.
i was only expecting a bed frame to come home from the wonderful world of costco.
he's fantastic.
i've never had new mattresses before.
or my own bed frame bought especially for me.
(i've always had to share a bed or a frame has been passed down
i.e. the ugly, hideous, huge, bulky, squeaky bunk bed that is now nowhere in sight)
{thank goodness}
i will post pictures of the new lovely, delicate, sweet, adorable bed frame tomorrow, and blog about the fun.lish (like dee.lish) music i've found.


p.s. i told myself i'd go to bed by 10... it's now 10:25, there's a mountain (literally) of clothes on my bed, waiting to be folded, and my hair is waiting to be braided..
hmmph.. and there would be a cute new logo on the picture..
but my computer had an overload and closed out of all the stuff i was working on.
sad day. so i just need to edit it again. meh.

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