Monday, February 1, 2010

air force reserves?

i'd rather that than anything else.
monsieur N is thinking about joining the air force reserves.
meh. still don't like the idea of him being in danger at anytime... even though he wants to be a police officer... where he'll be pretty much in danger a lot.

oh well. i don't mind if he does it as long as we're married in the temple first. :P

i'm going through some crazy times right now... life is busy.
so much to do.
i'm sorry i haven't posted ti.po's funeral service pictures.
so here they are:
this was at ti.po's viewing. his closest friends were there to say goodbye.
from left to right is (Bobby, Mr. Snuggles, and Georgiana)

his funeral was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen. just lovely... *sniff sniff*


aegis.kitty was also there but couldn't bear the thought any longer so she had to excuse herself. also because the stench was horrifying.

honestly.. if you've never smelled a rotting bamboo plant... be grateful. it smelled like a dead, rotting, left in a damp place, animal. gross.

that's besides the point... here lies ti.po. forever more.
goodbye dear friend.

in other depressing and embarrassing news...





more sobs

it's pretty embarrassing to make it your junior year... then not make it your senior year... especially when a sophomore got 11th chair. (if you read my blog, sophy, i am in no way desecrating your wonderful self. i adore you. and congrats. i'm just bitter) meh. :[
yeah. i'm scarred.
literally. i came home and slit my wrists.
just kidding. that's bad. don't ever do that!

wow.. i have so much more to say but am in need of major Z's x a gazillion.


sleep well blog.

p.s. my blog layout and junk is in serious reconstruction..
so please pardon the non.matching.ness


  1. i'm sorry about your loss :-P lol.

    and dang, i'm legitimately sorry about regionals.
    my junior year in highschool we didn't even make finals at nationals (cheer). but, my senior year we WON the entire thing.

    so, keep with it =] everyone has their time!

  2. haha. thanks natalie! it's alright. gives me more time to do photography and stuff. and be lazy. :P
    yeah, i plan on winning american idol someday. just kidding. but i do plan on maybe participating. once the meany simon is retired. :]