Sunday, February 28, 2010

senior.picture outfits, final pick

decided on jeans for both outfits. i didn't want to buy new shorts, and i didn't want to cut up my other jeans. the shirt is sapphire. it was too simple so i decided to add the vest to spruce it up a bit.

stuck with a white shirt and belt & coral colored jewelry. stuck with the hat. added jeans and brown heels, the jeans were too long for flats.

and i wanted to use my cute headband i made, so i threw in this outfit. and i love my scarf. :]
but instead of the jeans i'll wear khaki shorts. with dark brown flats.

i'm really excited to have my pictures done with Jo. love her and i owe her tons for squeezing me in her busy schedule. THANK YOU JO! you're the best! :]

i can't wait. possibly even getting out of choir for it. weee!

sabbath days are my favorite days.
that and fridays.. and saturdays.
i basically just love weekends.

finishing my scholarship app for EAC in a minute.
hope i get a full tuition scho.ship.. then federal aid will help cover living costs and supplies..
not for long though. :/
meh. getting close-ish to finishing my online class.
can't wait to be done with the class from {HECK}
history kicks my butt.

by the way.. i dropped french..
i am such a rebel.
it's nice not having a 6th hour.
and getting to party in bro. sell's classroom.
we have some hard.core parties, let me tell you...
okay. not really..

choir trip count down:
25 days.
 excitement level:




  1. beautiful outfits.

    i'm a sucker for clothes.

  2. thanks. me too. and accessories... i spent more than i should have on stuff i didn't need. haha.

  3. I can't wait! I wish we could do some of the locations I love here in Idaho but we will have fun for sure! I'm trying to think of a fun place to do pics. I think downtown but we did that already. Maybe WW campus? j/k

  4. hahaha! hmm.. i'm trying to think of other places. i wish i knew of a place here like the one where you took pictures of that one gorgeous girl who was sitting in desks. i don't know how to explain it. haha. but something like that would be so cool. or someplace old with french style sofas and stuff.. ahh.. that would be awesome. but i don't know anywhere with that. haha.