Thursday, February 4, 2010

leaving for utah 5 in the ayy.emm.

we were planning on staying at my aunt's house like an hour north of Provo i believe, but they're expecting snow.. so it'll be impossible to make it up there because they don't plow the roads where she lives.

so... we had to find an alternative place to stay.
after a couple hours of looking for a hotel and getting discouraged
[all of them were packed. darn you ski season!!]
my brother told us about priceline.
best thing ever!
you can bid your own prices?
how cool is that??
so, with that said...
we're staying at the marriot! for some tiny rectangles i must say.
get it?)
we're paying half of what we would have payed at a crap motel.
excited much.

i still have to pack though.
meh. i hate packing.

i used to love it
to the point that i packed a week early.
obviously i've grown out of that phase
and pack the night before and even finish right before i leave.

random thought,
if you like piano/guitar music,
listen to this song 

and if you love pandora AND piano music.
make a station as Yiruma.
it's sensational.

when we're well off and have a somewhat large house,
nic and i will have piano music playing throughout the house
through speakers.
and occassionally when we're feeling crazy or cleaning..
we'll put on other stuff. :]

nic gave me a curfew for my dates with photography..
yeah.. i know he'll be my husband, but he's not my dad.. :P
especially when i love photography... doesn't he wish i didn't have a curfew when it came to going on dates with him?
anywho. i'll post some more pictures on the later. possibly after my return from utah. who knows. but make sure to check it out whenever i do. :]


  1. so fun! i love utah! ESPECIALLY for ski season :)

  2. you could say it was.. ermm.. fun.. not. :P
    i've never tried skiing! i've always wanted to though.