Sunday, February 21, 2010


trying to decide on my 2 outfits for senior pictures.
i need consultation.
i'm digging these for a casual look:

(everything minus the shoes is $80 from the exact stores i found them..)

then for the other outfit:

not sure which colors i like best. but the silver wedges would be easiest to get.
although i'd die for some killer bronze flats.
but i think with the fedora, the silver would look better.
(this outfit alone costs $88 without tax... yikes)

total cost of outfits... $168.. without tax..
definitely looking for cheap look alikes. only things i plan on buying at normal price..
silver shoes and hats. and the necklace.
which will be $52... crap.. still too much.



  1. I'm digging the coral shirt.

    And the bronze flats with the other outfit.

  2. thank you anonymous. :P
    i totally want the bronze flats with the bow.. but i'd have to order it online.. and both cost more than i'm wanting to pay for the moment. meh. :/
    need more photoshoots in order to get them. oh well. haha. i'll live with the silver. :]

  3. I LOVE that first hat.. oh my I want it now :p Cute blog and great photos, girl!

  4. haha. i know, right? it's darling and i have to have it. :]
    (it's from charlotte russe in case you wanted to know. :] i also saw one like it with a black ribbon at payless.)