Monday, February 15, 2010

best v.tine's day ever.

don't have much time to write.
but seriously.. this was the best valentine's day ever.

this morning i went to church with monsieur N and his parents. fun fun.
then went home for a while until i got to go back to his house for dinner.
we had so much fun. we wrestled, played assassins creed, cuddled, and laughed like hyenas. no joke.
it was so fun. we got so slap happy we laughed at everything.
if i snorted, we laughed. if he looked at me funny we laughed..
it got so goofy i don't even want to explain it.
but you know how there's a weak laugh and there's a true laugh?
monsieur N is basically the only person that knows my true laugh.
he's the only person that can make me laugh till i pee my pants.

anyways. we just told each other how much we loved eachother and what not, like every sap is supposed to do on valentine's day. (we are serious saps it's not even funny, even though he likes to act like mr. macho man [okay.. not that often]).

anyway.. i got there at like 4:30.. the time slipped away. next thing i knew, my dad was calling asking me when i was going to be home... it was past 11.. hehe.
time goes by so fast when you're laughing with your best friend.
what he said was so cute.. "it's true.... you really are supposed to marry your best friend.."
with that, expect a wedding invite from us in 3 years. :]

anywho. so i got ready to leave and before i left we took goofy pictures.
here's a few:

we couldn't take any serious pictures. the last one is the only moderately serious one we got.
(excuse the sick.nast hair. due to the wrestling and play fighting my hair was destroyed.
thank you monsieur N)

you know if you have a best girl friend and you spend a whole day with them then at the end you get home and kick off your shoes and sigh thinking "that was loads of fun but i'm SO glad to be home"...
i don't really have a best girl friend and don't spend a lot of time with any other friends..
(i'm a hermit. :]P )
so my best friend is different than that. when i get home i sigh and think "i can't wait to be with him again. i had so much fun and i miss him already."

and honestly, i'm kind of glad i don't have a best girl friend (oh wait. i lied.. my closest girl friend is justine but i never get to see her) girls are just too much drama. and i get annoyed with other girls very {very} easily. and i definitely don't want to hang out with other guys on my free time.. (don't get me wrong, the guy friends are cool and funny.. but they don't give me the same feelings as my man does. so what's the point?) so you see why i'm a hermit? i like it that way.

okay. enough blabbering.

wanna see what i got for monsieur N?
of course you do.
lisa leonard is amazing. i so want a personalized necklace..
it's kind of pricey though.
this little sucker was a bit on the high side too.
but it was worth it.
at the end of the letter on the card i punched 2 holes and tied the keychain to it
to make it look like the signature part.
(i made the card by the way [i hate bought cards] if you're going to give someone a card, make it yourself. it comes from the heart. not from a store for a couple rectangles. holy cheese.nips)

speaking of cheese.nips.
monsieur N has become obsessed with my nerd voice.
you know.. crap S's like Shid the Shloth?
you get the point.
it's funny. he always asks me to do it for him.
love him.
all i have to say for tonight.
sorry for the chattering nonsense.


p.s. i've been getting awesome new music...
HAVE to write a blog about all the fantastic stuff i've found..
next time..


  1. I love you sarah I am glad you are happy , You are amazing !

  2. Baha girl you crack me up!
    I love your HermitStatus. It's legit.

  3. Aww this is so cute I'm glad you had such a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  4. hehe. thanks both natalies! :]
    and nat, it's true. i seriously don't hang out with anyone but nic. it's lovely.
    who needs more than the best?
    i don't!