Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Down to the last thought in my head

title is from Zee Avi's song Darling it Ain't Easy
find it here

here's my some tidbits of my favorite music

1. Feist
1234 is my favorite song.

2. Jaymay

3. Koop
ahh for the love of 40/50's sounding lounge.ish music.
listen to Vuelvo Al Sur.
(are they gay? they look like it.. not to judge, but one of their album covers is a little odd)

4. Kate Nash
i've had her music for a while, but thought I'd include it because it's fantastic...
i love Merry Happy and We Get On.

5. Madeleine Peyroux
anything by her.. sigh.. seriously the style is classical beauty.
Instead is a good song

6. Katie Herzig
seriously. SO cute. favorites include Sweeter Than This and Fools Gold.
how gorgeous is she?

7. Melody Gardot
lovely. If The Stars Were Mine

8. Gregory and the Hawk
also knew this band a while ago. but have been listening to their new music.

9. Teitur
another old friend. seriously. listen to him. One and Only is awe.lish. if you know what movie it's on, i will love you forever. i found this musical genius from this movie...

10. The Scene Aesthetic
once again, known for a long time, thanks to my brother andrew.

11. Vermillion Lies
they're different.
i like it.

12. Zee Avi
thank you haley.stew.
graces to you my dear friend
(by the way.. we need to go to EA. and freaking hang out sometime..
maybe if i actually talk to you in real life again someday. :P )

13. Mirah
Pollen is a de.lish song.
also Nobody Has to Stay

14. Demi Lovato
she's adorable. don't like how she wears bright red lipstick all the time.. makes he look like she has a larger mouth than she already does. but i still think she's freaking wonderful. and very beautiful.
love the song Catch Me

15. Priscilla Ahn
again, thank you haley.stew
i find many favorites through you.

16. Iron & Wine
Sunset Soon Forgotten
beautiful guitar

that's just a glimpse into my new found and not so new loves.
i hope monsieur N doesn't get jealous. :P

heffalumps and woozles
so anywhoozles.

want to see my mountain of clothes?
i mean, my bed?

this is the mountain of clothes.. i am not ashamed...

because it turned into this...
isn't my bed just darling?
i admit, it's a "kiddy" bed. but i don't care. it fits me.
no... i don't mean physically. :P
but these past two nights with my new mattresses have been heaven.
my back doesn't hurt as bad now. weeee!

i am a master of deception...

because on the other side of the room is this... bahaha.
lovely huh?
oh yeah, you like the shelves that my daddy built {you can see them in the middle picture}?
i love them.

thanks dad.


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