Friday, January 1, 2010

"i'm a mountain lion..." oh yeah? i'm a puma!

decided i'm saving up for some awesome puma shoes that i'm dying to have. :P
yes. literally dying... thanks to nic for showing me the finer side of athletic shoes... no... not thank you.. curses.
look at these bad boys.

well, i want the brown or all black ones like it. and they're made out of suede.. but still..
any of the slim ones that look like this would be on my feet.

okay. so i've been saying dumb words lately.. and..
 i don't care! :]
hate me? you don't have to date me.
okay. that was lame.

looking at all of the athletic shoes has made me want to go running.
which is awesome... except when i told my pops i wanted to go running tonight...
he asked "can your mom and i walk with you?" srsly????
that's the whole point of RUNNING...
but it would be nice to get them off my tail and eating my dust! bahah!

 oh well. off to go eat. then run my little behind off.


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