Thursday, December 31, 2009

project plog finished

asking what plog is? two words. photo blog.
yessss!!! click on the picture. you know you want to.

you know how i said i didn't feel like going to bed? i stayed up to 4 in the freaking morning working on that... so you better see the plog. and follow it.
i don't like all my hard work going to waste. :P
mmm... it felt good to pull an almost all nighter.
i woke up with a headache.
i hate that.. but that was the first time in a long time that i've slept in until noon.

yesterday was interesting. basically didn't feel like i was in my own head and couldn't control my emotions.. some dummy was doing it for me.
"the jerk" (he's not that big of a jerk but that's what we refer to him as because of the J so don't take a huge offense.. some is acceptable) talked to me.
asked me if i'm allowed to make my own decisions..
that kinda pissed me off.
of course i can. i'm a big girl.
when nic asks me not to do certain things and not talk to certain people.. i respect him. so i do what he asks (yeah. not "demands". he lets me make my own decisions)..
because i don't want to talk to those people anyway.
and it's not like i'm going to do whatever "the jerk" asks. freak-o.
it's over. there were feelings. now there's not.

sorry.. i'm just feeling bitter.
the way the conversation ended just made me angry.
and just that he found an excuse to talk to me..

i will post pictures of the trip to utah in the next post. :]

can't wait to see nic-a-licious (as my mother refers to him) tonight.
he's been away in tucson for a basketball tourniee and gets home today!!
and it's new years eve!!
the plan is to make pizza for us and his parents, then cuddle while watching a movie. oh. and possibly go to the party with the fam damily and the SNEED family (who are freaking awesome people might i add) for a little.
still need to talk to nic about official plans.
but can i say... perfect new years eve ever?

guess what...
i'm 23/24 of the way done with school that comes before college!
so are all the rest of the seniors. :]

okay. i'll shut up now.


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