Sunday, January 17, 2010

this is a sad day indeed

You've never met my buddy Ti.Po.....
I may be planning his funeral soon.
I hadn't been paying much attention to him... then one day i walked in my room and found him like this:

You see... Bamboo plants when they're living... they're supposed to be green... all the green that's left is what you can see in the pictures. I'm so afraid he won't be living much longer...

This is a time of mourning. Please cry with me.
Ti.Po has been with me for many years now.. Through hardest and easiest times in my life.
He was one inspiration for my path of discovering the art of photography..
When I was first interested in it, I felt the need to name my future business after him.
I'm sorry buddy, but I've long since passed that phase of naming it after you.. I've discovered it's too.. strange of a name. I love you though.
In spite of his health, I am trying my best to be a good nurse and help him recover but the magic in me may not be enough to revive him.

Georgiana is helping us to get through this.
She's even holding onto the single note Ti.Po has recieved of well wishes.

Georgiana is also a very dear friend of mine. She's been with me longer than Ti.Po.
She is very close to my heart.

okay.. enough of that nonsense. :]

today was an awesome sunday.

i love my ward. :]

i never stop learning new things. even when my heart is being stubborn.. the spirit always reaches out and touches my very soul and changes my attitude.
 i'm working towards getting my patriarchal blessing soon!
i'm so excited.

nic and i want to go do baptisms for the dead together too.
i can't wait for that.
it'll be the first time we've ever been to the temple together.

today is just a happy happy day. :]

have a fabulous evening and MLK/civil rights day tomorrow!


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