Sunday, January 24, 2010

that should've stayed on myspace.

remember how junior.high the saying "comment on my pics, yo" was?

i know someone who still does that...
seems a little desperate... jus.sayin.

okay. so it's probably the same thing to ask people to ""
pshhh... who does that.. that's so junior.high.
just kidding. i'm as guilty as whoever swiped my favorite scarf...
[will not give a name]

no more shall i ask.
because i'm going to write whatever i feel like and not care if anyone reads me.
or comments.
but it still is nice to know that people realize i'm alive.

i realized i'm alive today.
let me tell you,
realizing you're living... and you're you..
is the weirdest feeling ever.
because you feel like you're so small and insignificant in the world.
but really, you're so very vital to your surroundings.

without you, how would your best friend relieve him/herself of pent up feelings?
without you, how would that person you smiled at be different?
without you, how would that person you talked with be feeling now?
without you, who would your husband/boyfriend/crush/whoever love?
ever think about that stuff?
it's ca.reeeepy.

and have you ever had that epiphany.. and become conscious of the fact that
everyone in the world thinks that the world revolves around them
and that everything in their lives seems like the most important thing happening, ever.

once again.. makes me feel like i'm tiny in this vast universe.

well, no matter what, i still hope i make somewhat of a difference in someone's life
and that's all that matters.

in addition to my little... insight?, i am definitely grateful for the knowledge i have for the gospel
and the knowledge of life after this, rather then the common belief that we just... disappear.
it's nice to know i'm still someone after i'm dead. and that this life means something.

onto another note, this is what i do when i'm bored...

i wish i were that tall compared to nic. :P
this was my outfit for the sunday we were in utah. and that's what nic most likely looked like that day. without the pocket hankie. :]

and this is what i look like when i'm bored:

my arm looks a little odd... like it's out of its socket.

have a symphonic sunday!
i know i will. gotta be practicing for regional auditions on fuhriday.


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