Wednesday, January 13, 2010

material possessions destroy.

nic and i had a bet that if i didn't get on facebook or blogger for a week (except for business reasons) that he would take me on an awesome date, my choice.. and if i did get on, i would have to pay for the date and it'd be his choice.. but i realized that's kind of not quite fair.. especially because blogger is like my other journal... and tonight i kind of have something important to say...
(oh well. i lost anyways.)

It's sad how things, material possessions, take precedence over people, family members nonetheless. Tonight I've witnessed what affect the things of the world have on our souls. My parents bought the new iPod Nano for Dude for his birthday. As he was trying to get it working on his computer, it started freaking out and it's currently not working. He blamed it on T.rex because he suggested a site to get mp3 downloads, which more likely than not, contained viruses. Which.. It did... That's beside the point though. D said that T ruined his life. I've spent about a little over an hour trying to help D figure out how to get his Nano working because I have a 3rd gen. Nano. I was of no assistance... Still he continued to blame T for his problems.. He stomped off to his room, slammed the door, and yelled to himself. He didn't think I was listening. He was saying things like "Why does nothing ever work? I want to die!" He yelled a few other things, then decided to come back out of his shell, however, continued to say unpleasant comments. He called T names. Just now he stated, "Even on another computer, it doesn't work." Therefore, it wasn't T's fault because it's the Nano that is messed up in the first place. I asked, "Will you stop blaming T now?" He stomped off again and muttered a string of incoherent words and is back to arguing with T.

It just made me realize that just one stupid, little, no bigger than 3 inches long thing can make someone hate (or be upset with) another person. It honestly makes me want to cry. People can be so selfish and addicted to things that shouldn't even matter... Ever. iPods were invented so people could have their music portable and easier to carry around.. rather than the old Walkmans or 8-tracks. With the development of iPods and MP3 players, everyone has become more disconnected with people that really matter. Which is a reason I rarely listen to mine. I HATE technology. The only reason I like it is because of photography.


wanted to say more. but i'm so frustrated with the way D is treating everyone, i can't think. off to go deliver brownies to my poor sick man. i'm sure that'll make him feel better. :P



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