Monday, November 2, 2009

I've realized something very important tonight...

I have the best dad in the world.
I really do. He really takes care of me more than I give him credit for.
Here's a list of what he's done for me recently that I'm eternally grateful for:
1. Supports me with all my photography efforts.
2. Supports me financially... especially with photography..
3. He's been allowing me to spend more time with Nic.
4. He talks to me when I'm feeling bummed.
5. He rubs my back when I'm falling asleep in church. (HAHA!) Also when I'm not feeling good.
6. He's basically offered to turn our backyard into a paradise for my future wedding reception.
7. He actually makes me laugh when I'm cranky sometimes.
8. He's worthy of the Priesthood so he was able to give me a Father's Blessing when I needed it.
9. And tonight he was trying to see how I would be able to work on my photography while we go to Utah for Thanksgiving.. and like trying to see if we could get Photoshop set up on a laptop.. but realized it wouldn't work on either of the laptops.. so he was talking about getting a laptop for me..
and he was saying that it'd be something I could use when I go away to college (Not really sure if it'll actually happen.. but..)
When he was talking about that it kind of just knocked me to the ground.. and made me really appreciate how much my dad does for me and how much I love my daddy.

He is the best.

Tonight I am feeling gratitude and peace.
God is an amazing man. He blesses me so much.
Everyday I feel His love for me even more and it's always stronger when I need it most.
Last night I actually felt His arms around me while I cried and I felt like everything would be okay as long as I trust in Him.
I love my God.