Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once again, a carnival day...

I spent all waking hours on a roller coaster.

Bad: woke up at 7:31, got ready in 5 minutes.
Good: I actually got ready in 5 minutes!
Bad: was almost late to class.
Good: wasn't late to class.
Bad: I think I did not so great on my math test.
Good: I ate fruit snacks and a poptart.
Bad: Nic told me he had study hall.
Good: I told him it was okay and that I had to make up some work anyways.
Bad: I went to go make up the work and my teacher wasn't there.
Good: I decided to go to the choir room.
Bad: I cried and didn't eat lunch.
Good: I sang.
Bad: I snapped at Nic for saying I was being mean to everyone when I was really just being a jerk to him when I shouldn't have been..
Good: He told me to smile.
Bad: I told him I didn't want to smile and continued on to class.
Good: The homework wasn't due today.
Bad: I still felt like crap.
Good: I was hoping to catch Nic before he went to basketball....
Bad: I was a couple seconds too late and he walked past the hall doors before I could walk out and he was walking with Spencer and a... *insert mean name here*.... and she was flirting with him.. I got pissed off. Called her a *insert mean name here*...
Good: I talked to Kelsey.
Bad: Had to go home and wait for Phantom of the Opera.
Good: Talked to Nic's mom.
then there was a bit of blah in the day.... THEN!
Good: Nic came over and gave me a hug after basketball.
Bad: He left...
Good: I got "accepted" to EAC. Even though if you just apply you're accepted. But still...
Bad: I didn't eat dinner.
Good: I saw Phantom of the Opera at Gammage theater. AWESOME!
Bad: I miss Nic.

I decided to quote myself today... "The day I 'live for the moment' is the day that life is actually worth living for" (At least I've never heard anyone say that before.

Like this... This is a self-quoted quote. haha:

"sometimes i believe i am famous and i say things that i hope people will think of as 'awesome'.. then i go back and quote myself later and pretend that someone really famous said it. this shall be one of them..."

But seriously.. the day worth living for is the day Nic and I get married. That's the "official" beginning of life. The best part of it anyways. No more parents regulating what can and can't happen. No more school. Being able to have my business without other distractions (until a baby comes along anyway..). Just being able to spend as much time I want with Nic (besides times that we're working) as I want to. Man. Life will just be great.

Why is it that time goes so SLOWLY while you're experiencing it... then when you look back you're like "OH... that was 10 years ago? It seemed like yesterday!"
Or the other day I had an epiphany.. In 3 years I'll be 20... that's 20 YEARS on the earth. 2 whole decades! But when I think about someone being 20 years old.. I think "They're so young!"

Man.. I'm falling asleep as I type. I'll finish with a few pictures then go to bed.
Last thing I have to say is that I'm in need of prayers. I'm losing myself again.

These are from Melodie and Myle's Wedding.

Homecoming was last weekend. It was a lot of fun. But we didn't get many good pictures of Nic and I. I did our group's pictures though.



  1. K Sarah Love you are officially awesome!!
    I love this post!!!
    Way to look at the positive!!
    I wanna know who the Skoe (skank hoe) that was flirting with Nic is!!!

  2. hahaha. oh... you would like to know. lol.
    i probably shouldn't say though.. i'll message it to you.