Saturday, November 28, 2009

senioritis, i've had it since day one

i say i need a break.... i finally get one and i say i won't do any work at all...
                             during the break i do exactly what i said i wouldn't do.

i say i need a vacation... i get that vacation and there's always a million activities planned...
                             i get home and say i need another vacation...

seriously... breaks are good for nothing... they just make senioritis even worse and the need for yet ANOTHER break increases.
is high school as stressful for anyone else as it is for me?


oh well. i'm happy so what do i care?
for reals.

i just need prayers.
all i'll say...

sunday is tomorrow.. and i'm not ready for school monday.

i decided i won't have any blog post without a picture. i'll post at least one every time.
so here you go and i'm off to get ready for bed and wait for nic to get out of the movie he's in (seeing 2012 without me. lame-oh).


this is my favorite picture today.
i love my niece.
i will be getting 3 adorable nieces when my brother marries his fiance. :]
i'll post pictures of 2 of them tomorrow.


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