Friday, November 20, 2009


I finished my website.
Feeling discouraged.




  1. Im sorry, your photgraphy isn't really great, and not professional looking, it looks like it's all edited on picnik, some of the subjects are out of focus. For those prices, WAYYYYYYY too much, and dont be cliche, and call girls jumping in the air, professional photography.

  2. uhmm.......... thanks?
    i don't have much to say to you... except.. you're rude. but the jumping idea wasn't my idea. so... whatever. bye.

  3. Hey buddy, if you don't like what you see, don't read it!!! That's the great thing about blogs and websites, you are under NO obligation to read or view, and to be honest, NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE ANYWAYS. kthanksbye.

    Sarah- I freaking love you, your website and your blog!!! You are so talented and amazing!!!! Keep your chin up! And have fun this weekend!!!!

  4. Yeah, im sorry im going to have to agree with the first guy. . Im studying fashion, your gonnna get criticsm. I mean, look around at magazines. Im telling you now, your photography isn't very original, I could go get my camera and take a picture like that right now of my boyfriend, and edit it. Nothing speacial, and honey, you need to lower your prices. Be more original, don't have all that crappy smiling all the time. Give your subjects lighting, give your subjects better, and different places.I notices alot of your photos are taken in the same place.

  5. thanks for the constructive criticism. have a nice week.

  6. oh and thanks nat! i love you tons! thanks for being my uplifter. lol. and i did have lots of fun!

  7. See I think your photography is fine. Your contrst and colors are just to bright, and that sepia and bright black and white aren't just appealing on a wall. Even if your trying to have your own style. As being around photography and fashion in New York, i would never hire you. Sorry, but if your trying to be famous in your community thats cool. Just trust me, as the other people said, i could get my camera and do this try with angles and shit.