Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not what I expected..

I've never been told I sound like a dying animal while singing..
until tonight... Gee.. Thanks dad. I'll go put that one in my "I want to slit my wrists but that's bad and I don't do that, so I write down what makes me feel that way" box.

He was being nice yesterday... When he said that we can have my future wedding reception in our backyard after we get it all pretty. He was describing the landscaping he wants to do and it sounds so gorgeous... So.. I'm excited.. even though I still have a while..


Guess what!
I might be taking senior pictures for the school my mom works at. It'll be $25 per student. SWEET!
The bad thing is that there's only 10-12 seniors.
It's a tiny school. They're expanding though.

HOMECOMING is this weekend! YAY! Seniors in Honor Choir are singing the national anthem.
Go us!
After the game we're doing part of the day (at night) activity and going to the box maze in Lehi and drinking hot chocolate.
my favorite. :]
Then Saturday we're going to do pictures, group and couples(which I'm taking.. it'll be interesting being in the group pictures and taking them...? Good thing for awesome helpers!)
Then carving pumpkins.
Then eating dinner.
Then trick-or-treating.
Then going to the dance.
Then going to Jeff's house to play games.
(That's the most recent plans I've heard. Don't know if it'll change..? And Nic never tells me anything. lol. Btw... He still hasn't asked. Slacker. But he's my slacker and I love him.)

The bad thing about all of homecoming is that it'll be a big group.
I loathe big groups.. Really.. It gets loud and annoying when you get all of our friends together.. but I'll deal, because I love them anyways.

I suppose I'm done rambling.
If I think of anything else... I'll post a new blog.. Since I know I have blog stalkers that'll just LOVE to read new ones.
*cough* Kymber*cough cough*



  1. I think they turned out good! Chapels usually don't allow flashes. You did a great job though! You are definately going to go places girlie.

  2. thanks jo! but those are the best of them.. which isn't much. :P lol. jk. but thanks! i'm so excited to be starting so early.. i'm just afraid that i'll be all packed with appointments and stuff now.. but then later on it'll kind of.. droop off. but.. i'll definitely work hard to not let that happen. haha. :]

  3. Haha YEAH!! Love the pictures, girl. Have so much fun at homecoming :)

  4. ha ha sarah, I finally got to look at your pictures and blog. I absolutely love all of it. You are such a talented daughter of God and you really have been blessed. I hope your sunday was a nice one. I will see you at school though. Keep up the amazing work!