Wednesday, December 8, 2010

pet peeves, revised.

So this was written out in a long, evil rant of mine, written in the form of.. Something not nice.
But I decided my mom would be upset with me for saying some of the things I said..
So I will just give you my list of a couple pet peeves, in hopes of getting my point across.


un - drama
deux - sharing my clothes, shoes, and other personal items
trois - back stabbers
quatre - when all that comes out of someone's mouth is "whine whine whine. wah wah wah." simply put, complainers.
cinq - two-faced people.
six - suffocating {I mean that figuratively} from lack of personal space. I have a bubble, and I'm not just talking about how close someone could be standing to me..
sept - a certain word, that if I hear again, I will break a jaw or slit a tongue.


I really wish I could say what I originally wrote,
but alas, I hate drama, and I don't want to be the cause of it.
even though this may be pushing it too..

With one last comment, relating to the above pet peeve list, I want to move out. I'm not even joking. And it's not because of my parents. Heavenly Father, bless their souls. They are the most wonderful parents ever, on the truth.

With much annoyance, frustration, and break downs,


I know. I have been complaining a lot too lately. But in a real life conversation, how often do I whine about the same things over and over? {Okay, Nic, Besides when I talk to you.}

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