Sunday, December 12, 2010


I will not explain what has been going on as of late.
But I will say this:
I feel like a stranger in my own home.
I am uncomfortable {to say the least} living here.
Purely uncomfortable.

Anyone have a spot open for a roommate?



Nic took me on a date last night.
Beforehand we had this conversation over text:

Nic: "I got your Christmas present. I hope you'll use it a lot. It's big and it cost $98."

Me: "Great, just what I need, something else to fit into my room. I'm sure I'll love it."

"Oh you will. It's a really cool purple.. Can you guess it yet?"

"A Barney costume? I don't know. Haha."

Then at almost 9pm {Yes, we are forced to go on dates that late because of his work.}
He shows up with a purple beach cruiser.
I am SO excited about this.
I have been wanting a beach cruiser forever.
He's the best.

Then we head off to San Tan.
On the way he mentions, "That's not your Christmas Present, by the way."
"WHAT?? Then what was it?"
"Just because."

Basically he spoils me.
And I don't deserve it.

We went shopping for a little. Then went to see the new Narnia. Which is basically wonderful!
Seriously, the best of them so far.
I cried {as usual}.
Nic laughed at me {as usual}.
It's a pretty usual scene at any movie for us. :]

I love our dates because we love to laugh together.
And we do nothing but laugh the entire time.
Boy, do I love that man.


I'm almost caught up on editing and everything from this year. So excited to start next year!
Here's a picture from what I've been working on {and just finished last night!}

It's time for church.
Au revoir.

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