Thursday, December 9, 2010

a little {or a lot} of a daydream.

Today started as crap.
So much for not causing drama.
Went better.
Went okay.
Went pretty well.
Got a parking ticket.
Went awful.
Had a breakdown.
Looked up apartment prices and locations...
Considered being homeless. {not}
Bawled my eyes out.
Decided I won't say much out loud today.
Not in the mood to speak.
Thought about the future wedding.

I think I'd prefer a small backyard wedding,
Preferably the last couple days in November or the first week in Dec.
When the sun sets the earliest.
A beautiful, simple elegant dress,
DIY chic decor.
First a luncheon with the closest friends/relatives.
Consisting of bread-bowl broccoli cheese coup, baked potato soup, etc. Hot chocolate, apple cider, etc. Other yummy winter-y foods.
Then a come and go afternoon reception.
With little "before-dinner" munchies for the guests.
Small, quaint, intimate.
Romantic and fun dancing, no "fist-pumping" crap.
With the party ending by 7, in time to leave in our goodbye outfits,
to head off to a nice romantic dinner with Nicholas.
And off to the honeymoon.

I want it to be classy, vintage chic.

Sounds like a perfect wedding to me.
But one thing has to be expensive..
The photography.
I don't care if my wedding might be small.. I have to have pictures I will absolutely love.

Wedding inspirations:

And my most favorite dress. Ever:

Okay. I'll stop drooling now.


  1. I'm pretty sure we planned the same wedding.

  2. Haha. Or I copied you. :P
    Just kidding. Copying is bad. But that's too funny!

    I thought so, Katie. ;]

  3. Haha! Or great minds just think alike. ;]

    But seriously, this post makes me excited for both of our weddings. I'm not gonna lie, they're going to be AMAZING.

  4. Hehe. I was just teasing you. :]

    They will be! :D