Tuesday, March 23, 2010

34 hours

choir trip countdown:
34 hours. that's about a day and a half, people.

the awesome thing about it:
the beach trip is actually planned so i will come prepared with a pair of modest board shorts and a tank.
yes... i said wewt.
last year i had to purchase some shorts and a tank top because the beach was a surprise from the.harris...
and i was in warm clothes.
(and might i say the shorts and shirt were slightly less than modest because i couldn't find anything very cheap that was modest. i ended up spending $30 on something i could get here in ariz. for less than $10)
i felt like a ho.
okay.. maybe ho is a little extreme..

another awesome thing:
i'm going to do part of haley's senior pictures at the beach.
i'm uber excited.
the lovely haley.stew examples of last year's trip:

and here's just more from last year:

the end.

can't wait for more awesome pictures for this year
because i will have my oh so wonderful
canon 50D
still craving a 5D mark I/II

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