Wednesday, March 3, 2010

deal or no deal?

check the
there will be more pictures to make an appearance on it later.


i'm in a pretty cruddy mood.
i feel like crying.
all because he forgot about our deal.
{so my answer is "no deal"}
kind of thoroughly upset.
and because i don't feel good.
i have a fever and i almost threw up a few times this evening.

i'm whiny...
and i don't particularly care.

at least a stranger made me feel somewhat better.
she gave me an awesome and really super nice compliment about my photography.
thank you to T.Z. for your wonderful uplifting comments.
you made my heart sing.


monsieur N and i came up with a new way to say "piece of crap"
it will now be "piece of chevy"
because chevy's suck.
as i've been experiencing often with our
"piece of chevy" suburban.
i hate that thing.
i'm a ford lover.
and have been for a longtime.

off to shower.
then to bed.



  1. I have been SO whiny, as of late.


  2. it's okay to be a little whiny now and again. and again. and again. :P
    we're girls though. so it's okay. :]

  3. Hey, i think im that stranger! :) haha! i love how you say olive juice! I do that too... seeing it on your blog made me laugh! I love it!

  4. haha! you are that stranger. :]
    lol. and that's great! i'm glad i'm not the only one. :D