Wednesday, March 17, 2010

california, here we come

so it's furr.sure.
i'm spending my summer about 10 min. from the beach
hanging out with 3 awesome babies and my future sister-in-law [never said that before. it feels good to say it because i adore jess. :D ]
it. will. be. awe. some.
i can't wait.
it will be triple.the.excitement
if i can find me a car and do some photoshoots while i'm there.

the sad part is possibly missing the family reunion?
hopefully i won't have to
maybe sean (the future brother-in-law) will be home those days.
but we'll see when the time comes closer.
because it'd be fun to go.
especially if the rents let monsieur N go.
oh please, oh please.

so i'm in a happy mood.


choir trip countdown:
1 week, 14 hours.
that's my squealy face of happiness.
one week and it will be something like this:


2 more days of editing and relaxing then another photoshoot or two on saturday.
feels good to not be stressing.

spring break is half.way over.
sigh. can school be over already?
just end it right now and i'll be very happy.

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