Saturday, April 3, 2010

where i belong

everywhere i go.
there's his mocking face.
tormenting me with remembrance.
oh the path of memory lane...
the words sound so sweet.
but in truth, it's the nightmare.
he's there in faces of friends.
in those who's flirting glances torture my inner soul.
in the brother of my love.
so hideous is that thought.

one once said
"they stay in your thoughts for a reason"
is that reason to bring me fear?
or stab my chest
forming a gaping hole
exposed. empty.

but alas, soon true love will return
here to wrap me in those warm arms
hearing his heart beat against my aching thoughts.
drowning them out for none to hear
not even i
succumbing into a deep emotional sleep.
that i'd rather not be woken from
for that is where i belong

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