Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ward camp-out photo recap.

It's been a crazy week.
The Saturday before last, I shot a wedding for Megan & Tim Stice. LOVED it. The images turned out so good! I'm excited to get them edited.
Then, Thursday we went on a ward camp-out.. We went up a day early.
But we had to come home early because I had to go second shoot a wedding with Brittany Hogan. Which was another 2 hours away. Then back home that night and off to church in the morning to practice the Primary Program, which was a slight disaster. I love our class though. SO cute.
It went a little something along the lines of:
Little Sammy asked "Sister Love, are you married?"
"Nope, I won't be for a while."
"Well, I would marry you."
Could he get any sweeter? :]

Earlier the sister of one of my little girls {who reminds me SO much of Bonnie Stapley} asked:
"Are you Sister Love? Morgan talks about you all the time. She loves you."

Like I said, I love our class.


I will share a few out of the 500 pictures I took on the camp out.. Haha. And all of them are unedited. I got too lazy. Maybe someday I'll edit some.

{Thomas turned 16 yesterday. WEIRD. Happy Birthday bro!} :]

Mwahahaha. My mom is going to kill me when she sees this..

Ted, our foreign exchange student from China.

Patrick, our other foreign exchange student from Denmark.

Super yummy tin-foil dinner. Mmm. Yum yum.

Oh hai, Edward wanna-be. Hehe. Just kidding.

Oh hai, awkward, trying-to-be-serious-while-everyone-else-was-in-WalMart Sarah. 

Making din.din. 

Haha. Oh Ted.


Pretty much every Monday night you can find our family playing cards. It's our favorite FHE activity. Haha.

This little boy is SO cute!

Thomas and the guitar were pretty much attached at the hip the whole time, having a talent battle with the Stapley girls. Ooh la la. Just kidding, T-rex. :P

There was MUCH softball playing. I miss playing on a team. 

Haha. Fail. 

Oh lovely D.

I love the Dahl's. :] 

Bahaha. I love candid camping pictures. 

Doodling is another pass-time for my mom and I. 

Tennis dodge-ball.

These two boys are twins. And their younger brother there has a twin sister. I feel sorry for their parents. Haha.

I thought this little camping neighbor was SO cute.

"A tooty tah a tooty tah a tooty tah tah"
Who be that center left?
Oh hai, Bishop! :]

Conclusion 1: I much prefer pine tree camping. I hate the desert. But that's old news.
Conclusion 2: I love our ward. And our bishop. Mwahaha. :]
{Oh Bishop Bullock, you are so welcome for the lovely picture of you doing the Tooty Tah Tah. :]


I'm actually getting off of my computer before 12.. It's a miracle.
That doesn't mean I'm going to bed though... ;]
I'm going to go gather inspiration.


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