Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm kind of obsessed with this shop:

And I'm really obsessed with these photographers:
{Who capture these gorgeous brides wearing similar, if not the ones from the same shop, crowns}
{I got to see these photographers as they were taking pictures of these two at the temple. I kind of acted like a retarded, obsessed fan-girl.}

Please love these images with me. Perfect. See the whole post here

{Crown from WhichGoose, the shop above}

If Angie or Matt Sloan were to ever look at my blog {pshh.. yeah right.}, I want them to know I love them. Seriously.
Pure inspiration with every image. 
My heart melts when I look at their blog. Raw emotion.
I hope that they can do our wedding pictures in the future.

Monsieur.N hates short wedding dresses.. And all things hippie {the crown}.. But I'm going to beg him to let us do some pictures like these in the future, just for fun. I don't care, I will buy an extra, short wedding dress, just to have fun pictures. I love short dresses.

They are just darling.

And I love shoe clips:
Found here

Found here

Both found here

Can you tell I'm in a wedding mood?

Are you dying of picture overload? Not me. I can never get enough. :]
I have a picture/photography affair... err... Obsession.


I don't know what else to say. My mind is on other things.. {like what exciting things are happening for Sarah Waggs Photography for next year, which are a secret. :P }
So I'm going to go brainstorm and work on those other things.
Aren't you just anxious? I am. :]



P.S.&btw: If you've never heard my voicemail message for my phone.. I say "Toodles" in it. Seriously.