Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.

Last night I decided... I hate moving.
I don't like living here.
I waste gas.
I waste time.
I don't have any friends.
The last time I saw my old friends was about a month ago.
The only person I hang out with is Nic.. Which is fine for now..
But when he goes on his mission.. What am I going to do?
{I think I will go to Single's Ward in January just so I can make friends my age.}
I've had nothing but nightmares since moving.
I feel like our house is haunted--It feels like there's something watching me when I'm downstairs.
Basically the only rooms in the house I use are my bedroom, my.... our.. bathroom, and the loft.
I want my own bathroom back-- {I'm having to share it with 4 boys when there's a perfectly good bathroom upstairs.. "The shower's too cold" Wah wah! Let me tell you... My bathroom is only like 5ftx7-8ft. The other day I went to potty and the toilet was clogged. I hate boys}.
I want my bed back.. {but for some odd reason my mom insists that my bedroom be the guest bedroom forever.. and that I keep this huge bed, which wastes space. Which doesn't make any sense. And I was only able to use my new bed with a whole new frame.. and a whole new mattress set for maybe 3 months.}
I don't think this will ever feel like home.

I really want to move out.
I wish I could.
I need somewhere that feels like my own space.

That probably won't happen until Nic and I get married.
Because I have to save money for said, marriage.


I don't even know what to say now.. I have so much on my mind..
And no one wants to hear it anyways.

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  1. call me up sometime. i only live like 2 miles from you.