Saturday, June 26, 2010

in the summer sun

coming home in 1 day less than 2 weeks. {for those of you bad with math, 1 week and 6 days, or another way to put it: 13 days.} pure goodness.

i'm making a summer.sun list of things that HAVE to be done before the summer is over.

{one}:  hang out with my BFF alison. seriously. mandatory.
{two}: go to the lake with [monsieur.N]
{three}: design my college bedroom. mhmm. {by.the.way i am officially going to MCC. wewt!}
{four}: look for a "real job" {meaning i get a paycheck every other week} for college.
{five}: get a sketchbook.
{six}: bake.
{seven}: take pictures for myself. not for anyone else.
{eight}: have a photoshop playing splurge.
{nine}: blog out all of these post ideas in my head. {my brain is very busy trying to retain this info}
{ten}: craft like crazy.
{eleven}: practice sewing.

post ideas {so i don't forget}:
|one| once a week post pictures based on one theme/item/whatev. it inspires me to be creative.
|two| once a week post collages of my fav. fashions and outfits i crave.
|three| crafts
|four| post some personal awesome photos that i will be taking. :]
|five| i can't remember what else i wanted to blog about now. oh well. haha.
while writing this, i decided to see what i could find around the apartment that was interesting.

jess, nic's sister, has been working on crafts and i've been helping and it's inspired me to sew something. so when i get back, i will practice my sewing skills. {update: added that on my summer.sun list}


my cute new planner.

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