Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i sit here listening to "dark blue" by jack's mannequin playing through my phone into my headphones.
i was too lazy to:
take a shower
put on some presentable clothes {i.e. not pajamas}
walk about 125 ft to my car
unlock and open the door
grab my ipod
then walk the 125ft back to the apartment.

luckily i remembered i had headphones and tunes on my phone.

"have you ever been alone in a crowded room"


speaking of de.lish.. i satisfied my craving for new bras {plus a few shirts, p.jay bottoms, and a cute nighty [yes, mom. i bought a nighty.] don't judge me} and sweet factory candy.
now all that's left is auntie anne's pretzel nuggets and a giant, warm, cozy hug from monsieur.N.
1 week,1 day and he'll be here!

random thought:
i want to live in a ranch home.
but not a desert ranch home like the ones you find in the valley in arizona..
like the ones in colorado or just in lush areas where there's colors in the fall.
the only problem with that is snow and the freezing cold.
and i want a few dogs like this little guy:
and last:

 and i want horses and at least 1 cow.
it would be awesome.
yeah.. i'm kind of a nerd. haha.

 and i want quads.
monsieur.N wants dirt bikes too.
and i want a garden.
and lots of flowers.

okay. enough day dreaming.
time to get back to watching my favorite 19 month old kiddos. :]


  1. You should look through the cute homes in country living magazine! I get them every month in the mail. They make me happy!

  2. ooh! i'll have to do that. i was looking at country style bedrooms and they were SO cute. i think they were from the country living magazine. i'll have to do my next post on interiors and houses i would want. lol. :]