Thursday, June 24, 2010

feeling inspired to write lists..

i want:
1. to be daring. i need some excitement in my life. {that is why i will be bleaching my hair in a few weeks. don't worry, not the scary kind of bleach that makes people think "ho", the cute kind of honey blonde like reese witherspoon}
2. sweet factory candy. i haven't been there in a million years.
3. aunt anne's pretzel nuggets. to die for.
4. VS bras, the simple, plain, two pack that includes white and black.
5. a nice long hug from Monsieur N. it is magical. no joke.
6. to be motivated. i've had a lot of ideas running through my head.. but need the motivation to get me to do it.
7. to be more creative, especially in photography. i don't want to be traditional, and that's all i've been doing lately.
8. to see my mommy {you're welcome mom. :]P haha}

i am:
mostly happy.
slightly bummed.
kind of relieved.
really tired.
very much in love.

the end.