Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is the summer I've been waiting for

I write too much. I have a lot to say.. but none of it is ever that interesting.

My goal is to try to say less this time and make things less boring and long to read...

Some things going on:
1. I might get a job at sears portrait studio.
2. I'm still saving but being tempted to spend all my money.
3. I'm going to texas tomorrow. Going to take a TON of pictures. I get to go to the beach and seaworld. :]
4. I'm slipping into bad habits.
5. A lady my aunt works with is getting married in like.. October or something and is interested in having me take her pictures... I'm nervous.. I don't know if I trust myself with someone's wedding memories yet.. but first she has to see some of my pictures and decide if she wants me to or not.
6. I'm learning how to work out little tiffs with Nic and I love him more and more each day.
7. I miss my friends.

Not a whole lot to say after that.. Wow.. I thought that would be a lot harder to condense things.. it was easy.
I'm excited, nervous, happy, sad, confused? I don't know. I have a lot of emotions running through me at the moment..
But it is time for me to go pack to go to Texas. We need to be at the airport at 5:30am, and our flight leaves at 7:30. I can't wait to see my sister!! :]

No pictures today though. I haven't had my film developed yet.


  1. That would be great if you get a wedding. :D just make sure you have some backup ;) you'll be good. :D You did a good job at that senior session.

  2. lol. thanks jo! i really hope it all works. i just need to get my camera before i do. lol. some back up? as in like a second person to take pictures? lol. :]